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Didier Drogba had to be held back from New York fans after loss

September 25, 2016

EMBARRASING from Didier Drogba and a pair of #RBNY fans who need to be restrained from each other by security pic.twitter.com/hYtByeTAKN

— Matthew Klimberg (@KlimbergCalcio) September 25, 2016

Didier Drogba had a pretty miserable Saturday. First, he had to watch Arsenal embarrass Chelsea 3–0. This alone was enough to share a catty tweet aimed at Theo Walcott implying that if he was still at Chelsea, the result would have been different.

Several hours later, it was his turn to play as Montreal took on the New York Red Bulls and though he played the full 90 minutes, the Impact still lost 1–0. After enduring this pair of results, he was more than a bit grumpy, so when some New York fans shouted at him as he went down the tunnel, he decided to take his anger out on them and tried to climb the stairs to where they were sitting.

Thankfully, Drogba and the scarf wielding men were kept apart and the incident didn’t go beyond yelling and posturing. All in all, a day to forget for Didier Drogba. If only he had a catch phrase for this kind of series of events…





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