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Cristiano Ronaldo continues pursuit of Champions League offside goals record

May 3, 2017

He won’t be satisfied until he breaks every record there is

Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat trick in the first leg of Real Madrid’s Champions League semifinal against Atletico Madrid helped him close in on the competition’s offside goals record currently held by Milan legend Pippo Inzaghi. Ronaldo’s first goal of the night was allowed to stand despite appearing to be very clearly offside. This comes after he scored twice from an offside position against Bayern Munich in the previous round.

Cristiano Ronaldo stops to admire the work of Cristiano Ronaldo

“Being the best means being the best at everything, including scoring goals that should not count,” Ronaldo said after the match. “And I intend to prove that I am the best.”

With his hat trick, Ronaldo scored his 50th career goal in the knockout stage of the Champions League, which is a record, his 11th career goal in the Champions League semifinals, which is a record, and his 101st career goal across all stage of the Champions League, which is also a record.

Inzaghi’s offside goal record in the competition stands at 46, leaving Ronaldo a ways to go.

“I will do whatever it takes to break all the records,” Ronaldo added. “Most goals scored in the 57th minute, most goals scored while wearing a child’s hat, most goals scored while having to pee—all of them.”

Asked for comment about the Real Madrid star’s pursuit of his record, Inzaghi said, “He looked onside to me.”





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