Arsenal fans unappreciative of Chelsea Christmas tree outside the Emirates

A Chelsea fan YouTube channel tried to spread some holiday cheer by bringing a tree and all the trimmings to Emirates Stadium and asking the locals to help them decorate it.

After getting a bit of assistance from passers by, they decided to finish the job themselves by putting a Chelsea shirt on it and topping it off with an Ashley Cole star. Their attempt to bring it into Arsenal’s megastore was thwarted, though. So they decided to leave it outside. And one minute after leaving the tree unattended, two men decided to beat the crap out of it and throw it into the middle of the street.

All in all, this was a great success. A couple of Arsenal fans got to let out some pent-up frustration so they can better enjoy the holidays and we get to laugh as they stomp a Christmas tree in public.

Happy holidays, everyone!