Gareth Bale can’t handle the spiders in Spain


Aside from the jeering fans and occasional dirty looks from Cristiano Ronaldo when he doesn’t pass the ball, Gareth Bale’s time with Real Madrid has gone swimmingly thus far. In fact, there are only two things that the Welshman says he fears in Spain: nutmegs and spiders.

Bale tells FourFourTwo Magazine that the nutmeg danger is in training, with cameras fixed on their every move, the Real Madrid players delight in showing up one another. But the spiders are everywhere. And Bale cannot handle them on his own.

From the Telegraph:

The only other problem for Bale is the number of spiders he encounters and he suffers from arachnophobia.

“Spiders….terrible,” he admitted. “I call out to somebody, anybody, to come and deal with a spider, just so I don’t have to.”

Now we know what Ronaldo threatens to fill Bale’s room with when he doesn’t pass enough.