Cristiano Ronaldo plunks a young fan during pre-match warm-up, gives him his shirt

Cristiano Ronaldo was a little off target during warm-ups before the second leg of Real Madrid’s Champions League quarterfinal against Atletico. As a result, he hit a young boy in the stands with an errant shot.

Ronaldo was visibly pained by the accident and watched closely as medical staff at the Bernabeu treated the boy. When his teammates headed back to the dressing room, Cristiano jogged over to the boy and handed him his shirt.

The kid was still in tears after that, but hopefully the realization that from then on he could always break the ice with strangers at parties by saying “I was hit by a Cristiano Ronaldo shot before a Champions League quarterfinal one time” helped the pain of getting smashed by a Ronaldo free kick go away.

Video via Bleacher Report