Zlatan Ibrahimovic climbed mountains instead of watching his former teammates win the Champions League


Zlatan Ibrahimovic famously said “A World Cup without me is nothing to watch” after Sweden lost their 2014 World Cup qualifying playoff to Portugal (he did later attend a World Cup match, though), and it seems he feels the same way about Champions League finals.

Zlatan, who has still never won the Champions League, spent one tumultuous season with Barcelona back in 2009/10. But as his former club prepared to face Juventus in the final, Zlatan posted photos of himself climbing mountains in Sweden to his Instagram account.


Zlatan’s PSG lost to Barcelona, by an aggregate score of 5–1 in the quarterfinals and Barca completed the success they displayed there by beating Juve 3–1. And when they lifted the trophy, Zlatan presumably unleashed a mighty roar from the top of a mountain, prompting the gods to hide under their beds in fear.

The next day, Zlatan took his frustrations out on his pants by having them cut into shorts during a Sweden training session.


“I’m fine. I’m totally fine. I’m happy for them,” Zlatan later said when asked for spare change by a homeless man.