YouTubers sneak into Chelsea’s hotel, sign John Terry and Nemanja Matic to their “team”

Chelsea are in Montreal for their North American tour, so a group of local guys decided to seize the opportunity to try and lure a couple of players away from the Premier League champions for their own team.

First, they snuck into the club’s hotel to try and convince Jose Mourinho to be their coach. Mourinho wasn’t in the mood to hear their offer, though, and they were promptly kicked out.

They then regrouped and did a bit more planning. One of the guys posed as “Oriol Gomeo’s agent” while one of his cohorts was able to approach John Terry and get him to sign their contract (a piece of scrap paper with the word “contract” written on it). They were also successful with Nemanja Matic just before getting shoved out the door.

This, presumably, is how Ed Woodward signed Bastian Schweinsteiger for Manchester United.