Claudio Ranieri offers to buy pizza for his players if they keep a clean sheet

Leicester City are off to a surprising undefeated start, second only to Man City in the Premier League, thanks to new manager Claudio Ranieri. Though it’s difficult to find negatives about their five league matches of the season, one area where they could improve is defensively, having allowed seven goals — more than any other club in the top half of the table except for Norwich.

So to try and motivate his players to concede fewer goals, Ranieri has offered an incentive: free pizza.

From the BBC:

Ranieri said: “Coming back from behind might be exciting, but it is not good.

“I told them, if you keep a clean sheet, I’ll buy pizza for everybody. I think they’re waiting for me to offer a hot dog too.”

Pizza and hot dogs. It’s as if Ranieri is trying to motivate a group of nine year olds to read more books. Does he know how much money his players make? They probably all have their own pizza chefs on call 24/7.

Still, it’s an adorable offer and it just might work. Who doesn’t want free pizza? Maybe if they keep three clean sheets in a row, he’ll buy them hot dog pizzas.