Leicester City had a full blown clean-sheet pizza party


Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri said he would fulfill his promise of pizza for all of his players after their first clean sheet of the season against Crystal Palace last weekend and he really wasn’t joking.

On Thursday, Leicester had a full-on pizza party at Peter Pizzeria, where they were able to make their own. And for dessert, they even had Nutella pizza.


Just to recap, Leicester City are currently fifth in the Premier League with just one loss through 10 matches and they’re having pizza parties that include tossing dough around and end with slatherings of Nutella. At this point, Jamie Vardy would be absolutely insane to leave this club for non-pizza party having Real Madrid. Hell, after seeing this, Lionel Messi would be insane not to hand in a transfer demand for a move to the Foxes.

But Ranieri might be starting to take this pizza business a little too far (remember, this is a man who used the rallying cry “Come on, pizza now!” and claimed that eating pizza is good for the muscles). From the Leicester Mercury:

At the conference Ranieri also made pizza comparisons when talking about building a team.

He said: “The most important ingredient (circles the desk with his hand as if he is making the base) is team spirit and the second is they enjoy the training sessions. That is important. When they come, they know they can work hard but also enjoy.

“Also a little luck is important, you have to do everything right but also, like salt (sprinkle’s his imaginary pizza) luck is good.

“The fans are like the tomato — without the tomato, it’s no pizza.”

OK, Claudio. Maybe it’s time to mix it up and have a burger or something.