Jose Mourinho had the best day

No one had a better Saturday than Jose Mourinho.

First, his struggling Chelsea side upset mighty Norwich to climb into 15th place in the Premier League. They kept a clean sheet and Diego Costa scored the match’s only goal, so he got everything he could want there.

Next up, Arsenal lost 2–1 to West Brom because Santi Cazorla flubbed a late penalty that would’ve guaranteed Arsene Wenger’s boys a point.

Then over in Spain, his former club, being coached by another of his sworn enemies, got absolutely trounced by Barcelona, prompting Real Madrid fans to sing his name.

And at the same time, Man City, coached by a man Mourinho insists on calling “Pellegrino,” lost 4–1 to Liverpool and his good buddy Jurgen Klopp.

This is as happy as the manager of a team that went from being Premier League champions to five points clear of the relegation zone can possibly be. And it’s why it can be good to have tons of enemies. The man is just swimming in schadenfreude right now.