DTotD: Felipe Melo kicks Lazio player in the ear, gets sent off

“@Marcocalcio22: From bad to worse Felipe Melo sent off for this Karate Chop on Lukas Biglia pic.twitter.com/G1fGmH0q9M” IDIOT!

— petrichor (@glossolalia69) December 20, 2015

Felipe Melo, who you might remember as the man who used Arjen Robben as a doormat during the 2010 World Cup, is still finding creative ways to assault people with his feet after all these years. During Inter’s Serie A match against Lazio, Melo was shown a straight red for proving that he could use Lucas Biglia’s shoulder as a foot rest.

(BeIn Sports)

(BeIn Sports)

Inter lost 2–1.

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