Claudio “The Sausageman” Ranieri refuses to eat sausage named after him

Upon learning that a local butcher had created a specialty sausage named in his honor, Claudio Ranieri told a reporter to bring it to him. So during Ranieri’s press conference on Friday, that reporter delivered.

At this point, two interesting things happened.

  1. Ranieri refused to eat the sausage himself, saying that it probably had too much garlic in it for his taste. Too much garlic! Claudio Ranieri is an Italian person and he saying that it’s possible for a food item to have too much garlic in it. We can only assume that his Italian citizenship was revoked right then and there.
  2. Ranieri referred to the press as “my sharks.” This is perfect.

Even though the butchers who made a specialty sausage in his honor went to the trouble of bringing it to his press conference, Ranieri still didn’t eat it. Of course, he might have just been saving room for the free beer and doughnuts on Sunday. Because free sausage is good, but free beer and doughnuts are better.