Hoffenheim v Cologne was one big gum fight


It started with Hoffenheim’s Eduardo Vargas and Philipp Ochs putting Vargas’ chewed up gum behind the ear of the player who failed to keep the ball in the air during the pre-match warm-ups. This is gross enough.

But late in the match, Cologne’s sporting director, Jörg Schmadtke got in on the gum play by throwing his at Hoffenheim manager Julian Nagelsmann.

From the Guardian:

The incident happened after Hoffenheim equalised in the 90th minute through Kevin Volland while Cologne’s Lukas Klünter was lying injured on the pitch. Schmadtke and the coach, Peter Stöger, jumped up in fury before the former took a chewing gum out of his mouth and threw it in the direction of the 28-year-old Nagelsmann.

The chewing gum missed but Schmadtke still apologised afterwards. “Yes, I threw it. It was a reaction. I have already phoned up the Hoffenheim sporting director, Alexander Rosen, and apologised. I am sorry.”

Everyone just needs to keep their gum in their mouths from now on. Deal?