This is the craziest penalty save I’ve ever seen

Supeeer Jeeeff Bédéniiiik ! #TeamVOC #SuperJeff #TéléfootOuPas ?

— Vannes OC — Officiel (@VocfootOfficiel) October 1, 2016

There have been many penalties saved through luck and many others through skill, but few have combined the two in such extremes as this moment from the French fifth division.

Vannes OC goalkeeper Jean-Francois “Jeff” Bedenik dove the wrong way on a penalty that went off the bar and bounced off his back as he spun around to see where it went. The penalty taker then tried to capitalize on Bedenik’s confusion by heading in the rebound, but the keeper made an incredible kick save from point-blank range, directing the ball to another opponent, who chested the ball right back at him, forcing a second save before a clearance was finally made.

And that’s what happens when luck and skill combine with sheer panic.