David Luiz does magic tricks in the dressing room

The Chelsea defender has always been full of surprises

David Luiz is revealing one hidden talent after another this season. First by proving he can defend and now by doing card tricks in the dressing room.

With the cameras rolling and his teammates gathered around, the Brazilian defender successfully pulled off a post-match card trick that would make David Blaine jealous (assuming he gets jealous very easily).

This is what it’s come to for Chelsea under Antonio Conte. Atop the table with a six-point cushion, a club record 11 straight wins with 25 goals scored and just two conceded in that span. After a while you need David Luiz to do some card tricks just to stave off the boredom of domination.

Anyway, Luiz now joins Mario Balotelli and Rafa Benitez as football’s top off-the-pitch magicians.