Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths booked for time wasting after fans throw glass bottle at him

It’s hard to take a corner kick when you’re dodging bottles

With Celtic up 2-0 over Northern Ireland club Linfield, Leigh Griffiths attempted to take a corner in front of the disgruntled home fans who decided to take out their frustrations on the never shy Scottish international by throwing things at him.

Griffiths tried to show the referee the evidence of what was happening, but the official wasn’t interested. So Griffiths went back to try again, which is when the empty bottle of Buckfast tonic wine came tumbling in. Griffiths again appealed to the ref, who responded by showing the Celtic player a yellow for time wasting. And if Griffiths had been knocked out cold by one of the many thrown items, he probably would’ve shown him a red.

Celtic won 2-0 and after the match, Griffiths got a bit of revenge on the Linfield supporters by tying a Celtic scarf to one of their goalposts before walking off the pitch. Clever.