Real Madrid treated Mario Mandzukic like a human pinata

The first leg of the Atletico Madrid-Real Madrid Champions League quarterfinal ended in a rather drab 0–0 draw, but this being a Madrid derby and a rematch of last season’s Champions League final, there was still blood. Mostly spurting from Mario Mandzukic’s face.

Always an instigator, Mandzukic was at the center of most of the night’s conflicts and ended up worse for wear after taking a Sergio Ramos elbow to the face.

Agitated by being made to bleed his own blood, Mandzukic went on to earn a yellow card for dissent and was punched by Dani Carvajal for being annoying.

Carvajal wasn’t punished, even though Mandzukic made the most of it.

Real Madrid’s attempts to make candy come out of Mandzukic’s body will likely continue in the second leg. And he will probably do the same to them.