Sepp Blatter gets showered with money at FIFA press conference

Just as Sepp Blatter sat down to announce that the special election to replace him as FIFA president will be held on February 26, comedian and frequent gatecrasher Lee Nelson stood in front of him and made it rain over with cash, saying that it was for “North Korea in 2026.”

You might remember Nelson as the guy who was arrested for sneaking onto the pitch in a full Man City kit and attempting to warm up with the team at Goodison Park a couple years ago. Or the guy who tried to board England’s team plane to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. But now he has given us the gift of the photo that will define Sepp Blatter’s tenure as FIFA president.

Blatter then went on to prove that he can do comedy, too. From ESPN FC:

Blatter also said he plans to return to journalism after he leaves his position but said: “This time I will go to radio because radio is the most popular item in information because it’s 24 hours and everyone can listen, so if you ask me what I want to do… it’s easier to speak than to write.”

And it’s easier to be corrupt than honest. Surely Blatter’s radio show will be top of the charts in 1942. No one tell him that podcasts are a thing now. No one!